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Group/Club Endorsements:



Karen Love - "April is the quiet voice always pushing the Council to consider alternatives to the way ‘we've always done it.’  She is not afraid to question and slow down things being pushed through without any discussion. I feel like she is by far the most proactive Councilperson when it comes to environmental issues and improving the efficiency of our City services."

Jonathan Micocci: “She’s visionary, she’s independent and she’s compassionate. I love April on council!”

Mark Sieg: "I endorse April Thanos for Gulfport City Council because she is a paragon of virtue, decency, fairness and equality for all. She is a tremendous asset to my street, my neighborhood and my entire city."

Marlene Shaw: “The ability to think independently (not just follow others), take time to research and ask questions, maintain two-way communication with citizens, and transparency, are all critical for City Council members. April Thanos demonstrates these qualities, has proven to be an integral part of our community, and has earned my respect as a public servant. Unequivocally, April Thanos has my vote.”

Mike Bauer - "April is the only candidate that recognizes the existential crisis we are facing. We are a beach town, climate change is real. Sea level rise is real. Flooding is already occurring. April knows these are FACTS and April is prepared to deal with them."


Anna Gramberg * Barbara Baker * Betsy Morris Levin * Bill Oetting * Bonnie Sklaren * Brenda Probasco * Cameron Sargent * Caron Schwartz * Cassandra Birocco * Charlotte Downey * Charyl Gargel * Chris Kieff * Christine Crosby * CreaSirene Egan Romanelli * Dave Fallwell * Debra Davies * Donna Grace * Eileen Navarro * Elizabeth Hendricks * Gerri & Tony Angel * Gerry O'Regan * Greg & Brian Trent * James Mark * Jenni Sieg * Jill Barber * Jim Kass * Jody Robinson * Jonathan Arterton * Jonathan Micocci * Josh Garcia * Judy Ciurczak * Karen Love * Kevin McGuire * Lauren Stern * Lenny Guckenheimer * Lisa Greenwood * Loralee Wenger * Lynn Winderbaum * Lysa Riggs * Margarete Tober * Margie Davis * Margie Sharland * Marilyn Schwartz * Mark Sieg * Marlene Shaw * Mary Hanrahan * Mike Bauer * Mike Cook * Nancy Dunham * Nicole Thanos * Pam Frank * Phyllis Plotnik * Raven Kramer * Rebecca Gibbons * Robert Denson * Rose-Marie & Bill Seawall * Roz Barberi * Sylvia Foster * Steve Boerner * Susan Gore * Susan Koenig * Teri Desrosiers * Walter Barker * Zyon Christante

Political Endorsements:

Rene Flowers – County Commissioner
Jennifer Webb – Past State Rep
Eric Lynn – Former Congressional Candidate and Security Advisor to President Obama
Peter Altman – New Port Richey Councilman and Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition Chair
Thom Barnhorn – City of Seminole Councilor
Lindsay Cross – State Rep
Jamie Robinson – City of Largo Commissioner
Darryl Rouson – State Senator
Kathleen Beckman – City of Clearwater Commissioner
Joanne "Cookie" Kennedy – Indian Rocks Beach Mayor
Caprice Edmonds – Pinellas School Board Member
Charlie Justice – County Commissioner
Yolanda Roman, Former Ward 3 Gulfport City Councilor
Brandi Gabbard – City of St. Pete Councilwoman and Former Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition Chair
Deborah Figg-Sanders – City of St. Pete Councilor
Barry Rubin – Candidate for City of St. Pete Council

Group/Club Endorsements:

Pinellas Stonewall Democrats



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