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Thank you, citizens of Gulfport, for trusting me to represent Ward 1 in our City Council. I am running for my third term with the same goals and beliefs I have had during my first two terms. City leadership starts at the grassroots level by listening to its citizens first. This happens not just during election time but is ongoing every day. I intend to continue to be an independent voice, bringing new ideas and initiatives that move Gulfport forward into the future while maintaining its unique charm.


Please help us on Council make the right decisions to keep Gulfport, Gulfport. Some of the things we need to do are:

  • Ensure responsible growth through balancing business needs with maintaining our small-town character;
  • Maintain our precious environment by planting trees, keeping our water clean, investing in renewable energy (like the solar panels on the marina and my roof);
  • Improve sustainability in the face of climate change by working with other cities/counties/states to find the best solutions possible.


These goals are only possible with your input. I invite you to attend City Council and Town Hall meetings. Please participate in my “Ask a Councilor” Event on the third Tuesday of the month at the Tuesday Fresh Market. Reach me anytime at 727-386-6606 or I want to know what you think and what other issues are important to you.


And please take the Gulfport Happiness Survey...good government needs good information!  (takes about 4 minutes)
We circulated the first Happiness Survey in 2020 and got valuable feedback from hundreds of residents, but times change. We all have thoughts and ideas that need to be shared. 
Whether your grandparents’ grandparents were born in Gulfport or you arrived yesterday, your voice is important.  Take this opportunity to be heard!

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